2022/07/20 Wed

House of Jaxx 10/20 Cotton Club Release Live!

Today, the second House of Jaxx single “Hot House” was released today on Wednesday, July 20th.

The release live has also been decided!

10/20 (Thursday) Marunouchi Cotton Club

Details from below


■ Saori Yano “House of Jaxx”

Release Live at COTTON CLUB

2022/10/20 (Thursday)

open 6:00 pm / start 7:00 pm

* It will be 1.show a day.



Saori Yano (as, vo)

Hiro-a-key (vo)

Jun Miyakawa (key)

Shinsakaino (b, ableton)

Hiroki Suzuki (ds)


[Reservation acceptance start date]

[Web advance reception] 2022/7/26 (Tue)

[Telephone reception] 2022/7/28 (Thursday)

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