DIDI 1st single 2022.06.22 Release
Lyrics, Music and Arranged by Saori Yano
Musicians:Saori Yano (Voice, sax)
Hiro-a-key (Vocals)
Shin Sakaino (Bass, Arrange, Programming)
Label: Selective Records
Distribution:Virgin Music Label and Artist Services


This is a project started by Saori Yano.
For 20 years since her debut in 2003, Yano has been playing alto saxophone in jazz languages, both domestically and internationally, with a focus on Bebop.
However, Yano's musical roots were already in literature and art before sound.
If you dare to categorize representatives of music based on words and beats,
it's hip-hop.
As a teenager, she was in skateboarding culture, graffiti art, and street culture.
She still wants to ask why she continued to explore jazz, but it may simply be that jazz was just a "language that she felt beautiful".

She shared her written lyrics, melodies and ideas and found her strong companion, making it music.

"House of Jaxx" is a project.
In other words, it is illusionary and unknown.
The first step is this work, and it is clear that the range of expression will be
infinitely expanded in the future.
© 2022 House of Jaxx.