2022/07/20 Wed

The second pre-delivery single “Hot House” is on sale today!

The second single “Hot House” from the new project House of Jaxx, which plays hybrid jazz, will be released today on July 20th (Wednesday)!

Following his previous work “DiDi”, his superb Jazzy R & amp; B / Lo-Fi HIP HOP song with the popular vocalist “Hiro-a-key”.


The impregnable Bebop tune that is extremely floating.
I recorded it because I wanted to say, “Everyone is there if you think of it.” 

Saori Yano 


Also today, a teaser video of “Hot House” is released.


■ House of Jaxx new single “Hot House”

Delivered on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Lyrics: Saori Yano

Music: Tadd Dameron

Arranged by Saori Yano

Musicians: Saori Yano (sax)

Hiro-a-key (vocals)

Jun Miyakawa (Piano, Keyboards)

Label: Selective Records

Distribution: Virgin Music Label and Artist Services

[Click here to play / purchase a single] https://virginmusic.lnk.to/HOJ_HotHouse

The first album, which will be released on August 17th (Wednesday), is an ambitious work that heralds a new era of jazz, recorded with gorgeous musicians. He plays a hybrid jazz that incorporates various elements so that the basis of Saori Yano can be heard there.

It will be released in two forms, CD and distribution, but today the full details of the album have been lifted.

Naruyoshi Kikuchi, who has praised this album, is in charge of the album commentary. In addition, two additional remixes have been decided to be recorded, and a total of seven songs have been recorded.

As for the remix, 2 tracks by electronic music unit Sawa Angstrom and her ynkmr. (Waina Kamura) who is active in BLU-SWING / Last Electro are added, and all 7 songs are recorded.



And at Marunouchi “COTTON CLUB”, which will be Saori Yano’s first appearance,

House of Jaxx full band release live has been decided.

■ Saori Yano “House of Jaxx”

Release Live at COTTON CLUB

2022/10/20 (Thursday)

open 6:00 pm / start 7:00 pm

* It will be 1.show a day.


Saori Yano (as, vo)

Hiro-a-key (vo)

Jun Miyakawa (key)

Shinsakaino (b, ableton)

Hiroki Suzuki (ds)

* For details on the performance on the Cotton Club official website, please see

It will be open to the public on 7/20 (Wednesday) 18:00.

Please refrain from making inquiries to the venue before the information is disclosed.

Reservations will be accepted from 12:00 on 7/26 (Tuesday).



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