2022/06/22 Wed

House of Jaxx start!

Thank you for waiting!
Saori Yano’s new project “House of Jaxx” has finally started in earnest
First Panch, pre-delivery single “DIDI” is on sale today!

Write down what you have been thinking for many years and ask hiro-a-key to sing
Please listen to the beat by Shin Sakaino.


The teaser video of “DIDI” has also been released.


Lyrics, Music and Arranged by Saori Yano

Musicians:Saori Yano (Voice, sax)

Hiro-a-key (Vocals)

Shin Sakaino (Bass, Arrange, Programming)

Label: Selective Records Distribution:Virgin Music Label and Artist Services

[Click here to play / purchase DiDi singles]



Details can be found on the official website of House of Jaxx, which opened today!



And then, with the start of the House of Jaxx,

Saori Yano Official LINE Akanout has been opened!

We will deliver a lot of information that can only be seen with the official account!

Please follow us!


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